Why Use Charles Grosvenor?

  • You are dealing with a company that only specialises in attic conversions not a general builder.
  • Our design team and structural engineer work on converting lofts exclusively so their experience and expertise will bring you the highest standard of construction and finish.
  • We do not sell the job on, we are not a loft agency or middleman, we do the work with our own teams.
  • You get a 3-D drawing showing various elevations.
  • You will receive a more personal service from a highly experienced expert in loft conversions, not a builder who does any job that come their way.
  • Our standard specification is more extensive than all our competitors.
  • We use an in-house architectural team who specialise in designing loft conversions.
  • The company can be contacted during office hours and at all other times you can contact us by using our answering service.
  • We use our own loft conversion teams who only do one job at a time.
  • We are on site every day and do not leave the job to do other work.
  • Your site foreman is customer friendly and deals with any day to day matters.
  • We use the same electricians, plasterers and plumbers for every conversion to ensure the highest quality finish.
  • Our work teams, electricians, plasterers and plumbers are clean and tidy.
  • We use high quality materials that ensure a quality build.
  • You can arrange to meet the building inspector yourself.
  • You can view our work and talk to satisfied customers.

Our reputation for customer service is second to none