What Type of Loft Conversions are Available?

Dormer Conversion

Commonly used where the existing loft space is not sufficient in size for the proposed conversion

The effect is to create additional headroom for the staircase and new room or rooms.

If an additional bathroom is proposed along with the rooms the increased height created by the Dormer provides additional height above the fittings.

Rooflight Loft Conversion

Ideal if a smaller loft conversion is desired for example an office or small bedroom where adequate height is available within the existing loft space.

Rooflights are probably the cheapest option and the one that causes the least disruption whilst being built. Of course it is the smallest space gain option.

Mansard Loft Conversion

Designed to maximise space, the Mansard is a type of dormer construction, that is typically used in areas where planning permission is sensitive.

Generally, the construction to the rear of your property has a flat roof, however, the back wall slopes inwards at an angle of 72 degrees and windows are housed in small dormers. Normally constructed where planning permission is required or your property falls into a conservation area