Truss roofs or trussed rafter roofing

Does your loft space look like this ?

attic conversion

If so Charles Grosvenor Ltd specialise in the conversion of modern truss roofs.

Although you may mot be able to walk around in your existing loft, it can be converted into a fantastic new room. Truss roofs were introduced in the 1970's and are still commonly used today on new build houses. At Charles Grosvenor Ltd we have been constantly adapting to working with new construction methods and building products as they become available. We have been converting truss roof loft spaces in the West Midlands for the past 30 years.

Properties with truss roofs typically have no load bearing internal walls. This poses no problem for our highly skilled architectural team who will introduce new load bearing members so that the rafter trusses can be safely removed. Although the structural design and construction method is different to a traditional roof conversion, the end result is the same.

The loft converted below had a trussed rafter roof.

loft extension

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