The Completion

attic conversion
loft conversion

During the plastering process, the tradesmen will be booked in to complete their second fix work in order to complete the project. This work is detailed below.

Loft team

  • 1. Fit skirting boards and architraves
  • 2. Fit handrails and balustrade to the staircase and landings
  • 3. Hang the doors
  • 4. Fit access panels


  • 1. Fit the bathroom or shower room suite
  • 2. Fit the towel rails and radiators
  • 3. Extend the soil vent pipe
  • 4. Connect up and test the hot & cold supply, central heating and wastepipes


  • 1. Fit the switches and sockets
  • 2. Fit the light fittings
  • 3. Carry out the part P inspection and test

Once the second fixes are complete, your project manager will arrange to inspect the works to ensure the work is completed to our high standard. Should there be any unfinished work discovered, it will be detailed on a snagging list for the relevant person to return and complete. If a snagging list is compiled, a copy of it will be forwarded to you for your approval.

At this stage of the conversion the building inspector will make a final visit to carry out the completion inspection, in order to issue the completion certificate.

The final stage is to remove any surplus material, rubbish and take down the scaffolding.

attic conversion
loft conversion