Bespoke Oxford Glass Juliet Balconies

Charles Grosvenor loft conversions have added to the design of their lofts an opportunity to enhance the look of your dormers with a bespoke Oxford Glass Juliet Balcony, Which helps with a fuller view through loft Patio and sliding Doors. All glass is toughened and meets current building regulations. There is a choice of a stainless steel handrail or no handrail at all with an end result of a stunning look from the inside or the outside.

Oxford Juliet balcony on outside of Charles Grosvenor`s patio doors in a gable end in Caversham

Stainless steel Handrail fixed on all four corners to the brickwork, to give an elegant finish

Clear toughened glass Oxford Juliet balcony from the inside of property in London converted by Charles Grosvenor

Oxford Juliet Balcony on side stainless steel fixings with no handrail in front of sliding patio doors in converted Country house in Reading

Full Oxford Glass Juliet balcony in front of Black Aluminium Doors and side windows in converted Tudor property in West Midlands