Health and Safety Policy Statement

Charles Grosvenor Limited is committed to the prevention of harm to its employees and to others affected by our works. Charles Grosvenor Limited shall comply with legal requirements and other requirements applicable to our activities.

Charles Grosvenor Limited business management system has been implemented, maintained and is continually improved to ensure that this policy is delivered.

The Directors of Charles Grosvenor Limited recognise their responsibility for managing health and safety within the company’s activities and believe that ALL injuries and accidents at work are preventable.

We will provide safe and healthy working conditions and systems of work to protect the health and safety of any employees or other persons and will strive to continually improve the processes for achieving this policy.

This policy will be achieved by analysing the hazards and risks relating to our work and ensuring that risks are eliminated, reduced, isolated or otherwise controlled or that effected parties are protected or have the required disciplines including training, awareness and competency.

We will provide resources essential to the implementation and control of the management system. Resources include human resources and specialised skills, plant and equipment, technology and financial resources.

We will communicate this policy to all employees, sub-contractors and suppliers, and other interested parties. This policy shall be made available to the public through reception notice boards, the Charles Grosvenor Limited website, open days and other suitable means.

We will monitor and regularly review the management system in order to identify continual improvement.

Correct at: 24th February 2010