Haynes Loft Conversion Manual Extract 2008

Will you get your money back?

Loft Conversions are regularly cited by leading mortgage lenders as the best way to increase a property's value - as long as they're done properly and don't uglify the architecture.

Estate agents routinely define residential property in terms of the numbers of bedrooms, so when it comes to adding value and extra bedroom is always a welcome addition. Even if you're hell-bent on building a loft room devoted exclusively to train sets, when the time comes to sell buyers will very likely perceive it as a valuable additional bedroom.

Is it neighbourly?

At this stage, it pays to consider what effect your proposed building work is likely to have on your neighbours. Even if the loft conversion itself is not a problem for them, the inevitable noise, mess and deliveries of building materials at all hours of the day surely will be. Builders have an endearing tendency to commence work on sire at the crack of dawn accompanied by much whistling, singing, swearing, thudding and crashing, the precise mix depending on how the job is going. This can strain even the best relationships.