Charles Grosvenor Credit Report

In the current economic climate it is not only the small companies and sole traders going into administration or liquidation. When you look to invest a large amount of money into your home you need piece of mind that the chosen company will be trading long enough to complete the project and honour the guarantee period as well. Failure to research how financially stable the builder or company is may result in them 'going bust' before completion of the works when it has been paid for in advance, this can add thousands of pounds on to the build price and many weeks delay to get the project finished off by another builder or contractor.

Charles Grosvenor Ltd is 100% financially secure. The reason for this is due to the experience gained from trading for thirty years through previous recessions in the 70s, 80s and early 90s. Over the years when the economy was strong the directors of Charles Grosvenor Ltd have invested wisely, never taken uncalculated risks as well as putting profits back into the company. We have also traded for many years with the following.

  • No bank loans
  • No overdrafts
  • No mortgages, all of our premises are bought outright
  • No lease contracts or hire purchase agreements, all of our vehicles and plant are bought outright
  • All 30 day accounts are settled immediately
  • No ongoing debt

All of the above statements can be verified.

As a result of the statements made above please find an extract from a recent independent credit report below, confirming our strong financial position (the full copy is available upon request).

Please contact our sales team for a complete copy of the credit report

Not having any debt or being under financial pressure from banks and credit companies not only ensures that Charles Grosvenor Ltd will be converting lofts for many years to come, but also allows us to concentrate fully on the high level of customer care and quality of workmanship that our clients deserve.

Please remember that obtaining the cheapest quotation for a loft conversion does not always result in the cheapest build price.

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss the above credit report.