Case Study 2

Our family live in a detached house in Drayton, Oxfordshire and we wanted to convert our loft space into a guest room, a bathroom and a playroom/home cinema. It makes sense to have it upstairs within the same house when you have the opportunity to do so. I also liked the atmosphere of a loft, the shape and its quietness. We found Charles Grosvenor via an internet search and they quickly came in to quote. We did get another quote from a general builder doing extensions and loft conversions, both were very close in terms of price but we choose Charles Grosvenor because they are loft conversion specialists. I went through a loft conversion in a previous house and I know that it requires a loft of structural work and if it is not done properly it will quickly show some cracks.

The project was slightly above our budget but Charles Grosvenor is no more expensive than the others and is certainly more professional. The important thing to note is that everything is included. They do not hesitate to buy additional materials if necessary without asking for supplements. They use quality materials and the team is very experienced. The sub-contractors they use are very regular and know them very well.

We have an old house and I wanted to keep the beams visible to give a bit of character. Charles Grosvenor designed a scheme that managed to do it perfectly and this makes the rooms look very different. We made several amendments to the original plan (staircase & Velux position) and they have always accompanied our suggestions with professional advice and tried to meet as much as they could our expectations.

Although we did it in the winter, it went very well. The job was completed within 6 to 8 weeks in record time. Materials were always delivered on time and the coordination between the different builders (carpenters, plasterers, electrician...) was amazing. As specialists, they knew exactly what they were doing. The administrative side was also very good. Every week the managing director came to check the work and the secretaries always responded very promptly to my requests. We had only one setback when we realised the tiles were glued together but they managed to overcome this problem very well and everything was completed in record time due to a very experienced team and an excellent coordination.

Charles Grosvenor did an outstanding job. The company is extremely well organized and employs very qualified staff. The project manager was amazing. Everything went very smoothly and we could feel a very nice team spirit. They all knew exactly what they were doing and always found a solution to problems. They tried to meet as much as they could our specifications and were flexible throughout the job. They do not cost more than other builders for an amazing result. I would definitely recommend them.

  • Cost of conversion was £ 36,800.00
  • Conversion was built under a Permitted Development Rights.
  • The build time was approximately 6 -8 weeks as expected.