Should people build their own homes…..or even build their own loft conversion?

With the number of home improvement programmes such as ‘Grand Designs’ being shown more frequently on our televisions, its asked the question as to whether we should really be encouraging the population to take up DIY housebuilding?
The government are hoping to double the number of people building their own homes but planners (who are supportive of the concept) warn of the danger that allowing people to start building their own homes en masse could leave a blot on the landscape.
Building a house is a very complex procedure from the planning stage, to designing the shell, to the electricity, plumbing and insulation. I personally wouldn’t want to live in a house I’d built myself……..which asks the questions as to how many people would?

As well as new builds home owners are also being encouraged to renovate their properties themselves. The number of DIY loft conversions has increased over the years and we have previously blogged about the dangers involved in doing this as making mistakes can be expensive and dangerous. It will also probably take longer than if a professional did the work and some jobs such as the steelwork can be real challenge for a lone DIY’er.
However many people each year complete a DIY loft conversion. Provided you have reasonable DIY skills, are willing to learn, up for a challenge, have plenty of spare time and don’t mind some hard work then the DIY route may be for you……………….and remember Charles Grosvenor can do as little or as much as you wish, so if a DIY conversion is of interest to you then we can develop a quote to allow however much of the build you wish to do yourself.


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