Rated People.com – Is it all it claims to be?

Various forums and website discussion boards are coming up with mixed opinions on the popular website www.ratedpeople.com which helps homeowners find local quality tradesmen, some builders are even going as far as claiming the website is a ‘scam’.
Charles Grosvenor Ltd are registered with the company and received various successful leads so we are happy…….however we would urge homeowners who use this way of finding their builder to be cautious as there is no filter to stop cowboy builders or conmen from being a legitimate tradesman on the website. This was bought to our attention when a homeowner lost thousands of pounds to a tradesman he found on rated people – let me first explain how the website works: As a homeowner looking for a local quality tradesman you would register your enquiry on the website and then simply wait for them to match your with a recommended tradesman. What you don’t know is that this is not how it really works, what actually happens is that your enquiry is sent to all the builders registered on the site (and as it stands any tradesman can register without being checked or rated) and they have the chance to buy the lead which can cost anything from £5.00 – £60.00. Therefore rated people are not actually matching you with anyone and do not ‘rate’ these builders at all, they are simply selling the lead and your details to anyone that wishes to buy it. So in effect any cowboy or cowman can buy the lead, i’m not suggesting this is happening all the time as there are genuine high quality tradesmen on the site such as ourselves but i am merely suggesting that this may be the case and warning users to be cautious. I am also not suggesting that homeowners stop using the site, i would just urge those not to appoint a builder purley on the basis of this website – make sure that you fully investigate them, ask for a credit report and most importantly please view completed projects and speak to references. If a builders cannot provide any of these things then that should immediately tell you something is not quite right.


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