Our ‘A’ rated UPVC Windows and Doors

BRFC have rated our UPVC windows and doors as ‘A’ rated, which means we manufacture the best kind of windows you can buy.

The benefits from ‘A’ rated windows and doors are that they have energy efficient glazing which could save you money on your energy bills! The glazing also reduces heat loss through windows which will make for a more warmer and comfortable home.
Using ‘A’ rated windows and doors will contribute to the environment, as you will not be using as much fuel than you would by cranking up the central heating. You will generate less CO2 which leads to global warming!
‘A’ rated windows and doors will also contribute to a peaceful and quieter home. These energy efficient products will insulate your home better, keeping all unwanted noises outside.

Our windows and doors, when installed properly, can pay for themselves, in lower heating costs over a period of time.
Together with the comfort and great appearance, these windows and doors are an investment every home can benefit from.

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