No Room For a Full Sized Staircase? … We Have The Answer!

If space is minimum, you may want to consider having a space saver staircase fitted.

What is a space saver?

Space Savers are also known as Paddle Stairs or Alternating Tread Staircases.
This type of stair is one of a number of stair types designed to save space. The general pattern of steps has alternate handed steps with part of the tread cut away. The user relies on familiarity and regular use for reasonable safety.
Space savers should only be installed in one or more straight flights for a loft conversion and then only when there isn’t enough space to accommodate a standard staircase. This means that if you need to change direction, a landing must be used. Winder treads are not permissable.
A space saver staircase must not be used as the main staircase in your dwelling.

If the angle of incidence is greater than 42° a spacesaver staircase must be fitted to comply with building regulations.  It should only be used for access to one habitable room and/or WC.  This WC must not be the only WC in the dwelling.

Charles Grosvenor recommend that spacesaver treads are made from a durable type of material.  The stresses and strains on these steep staircases require a thick strong tread in order to avoid the tread splitting.A minimum tread thickness of 32mm is advised.

these are staircases inclined at an angle more than 42°


Each tread shape is as follows, depending on the staircase width

left hand step  Left

right hand step Right


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