Lovely words from Ms Crane of London…

Lovely words from Ms Crane of London…

I am delighted with my loft room which will be used as a study (and second bedroom when needed). It was two years from when Ken first visited and gave me a quote until the work started, as it took ages to get the necessary permissions from my freeholder and others before the work could start. I am glad, however, I persevered with solicitors as it was well worth it. What attracted me to use your company was that you advertised as a ‘family firm’ who had been in business for years.

Most of my contact has been with Hayley. I cannot praise her enough. She has been excellent throughout and her organisational skills have been amazing. She has communicated very well, everything she has organised has taken place, and she has willingly arranged things to take into account my working hours.

I truly appreciate all the help I have received, from the building of the loft to the additional works that were carried out, including the creation of a unique jigsaw table. I’d like to thank everyone that has been involved. It was amazing to see how smoothly the process flowed from one stage to the next.

My neighbour and his wife have viewed my loft at various stages and chatted to the workmen. They are very impressed by the professionalism of your firm and are now interested in having a similar conversion. I have recommended Charles Grosvenor to them.

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