Loft Conversion Party Wall Agreement

If you plan on doing any building work that affects the party structure between you and your neighbour, it is very likely that the Party Wall Act will come into play. If your home is a terraced or semi-detached property and you are carrying out a loft conversion, permission from your neighbour will be a must.

A typical dormer conversion will require the insertion of steelwork to support the dormer extension and the extra flooring that is being installed. Fitting the steelwork will usually involve cutting small pockets into the party wall.  The steelwork will generally span wall to wall, obviously in a terraced house, this will involve two party walls. A spreader plate or padstone will be inserted into the party wall and the beam will be set in place.
Section 2 of the Party Wall Act will allow this work to be carried out but is essential that you provide you neighbour with the correct notices. The act will also allow the party wall to be increased in height, which is often required with a dormer; once again, the correct party wall notice will need to be served.

In most cases, your neighbours will be happy to agree to such work and if they are also considering a loft conversion, if can be well worth having the work done at the same time. If your neighbours happen to dissent from your work, a party wall agreement will have to be drawn up by a professional surveyor.

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