Is it the end of the builders bum!

The high rise in skin cancer patients in the UK has called for a crackdown on the ‘builders bum”. The number of skin cancer patients in the UK has risen to over 2.4 million and construction workers are now on a level with asbestos related diseases. The sun newspaper reported that the researchers at the University of Manchester have found that builders who often go topless or wear trousers which slip down were nine times more likely to get skin cancer than other workers with over 1,000 tumours reported every year.

Dr Henry Goodall, President of the Society of Occupational Medicine warned “Skin cancer can take years to develop and neglecting to cover up in the sun can be as dangerous as forgetting to wear a hard hat. We need to send a clear message that the days of the builders bum are over”.

Charles Grosvenor Ltd ask all their foreman to encourage staff to wear long sleeved, loose fitting shirts and to always use cream for protection.

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