There are several practical ways you can keep your loft conversion cool this summer.


It may seem like an obvious thing, but opening your windows during the summer months is essential for ensuring good air flow through the room. If you are planning on building a loft conversion, or want to make changes to your existing one, why not consider having large opening roof lights installed? Not only will these provide a great source of natural light, but they will massively help in ventilating your space too. Alternatively, investing in a ceiling fan will help keep the air moving and circulating throughout the room, regulating the room temperature.


You may associate the word insulation with keeping your home warm in winter, but actually, it can be used to cool your home too, by deflecting heat and preventing hot air build-up. A high-performance insulation board is recommended for cooling and will also help save fuel costs come winter time – it’s a win-win.


Roof colour

Darker shades tend to absorb sunlight; thus using lighter coloured tiles on your roof, like terracotta, can really help in reflecting the sun’s powerful rays from making your loft hot and uncomfortable. You should always seek professional help when painting or re-tiling, as it dangerous for unqualified people to attempt this type of job.

Air conditioning

If you really feel like splashing out, then air conditioning is an option for keeping your loft cool. Air conditioning units do require specialist installation and need to be maintained properly though. This is certainly not the cheapest choice, nor the most eco-friendly, but it will provide a quick, easy fix during the hot days and nights. Besides, if you are worried about your carbon footprint and electricity bill, you can always get solar powered units fitted.

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