How Suitable Is My Loft For A Conversion?

Generally most roofs can be converted provided your space has enough headroom.There are many things to consider to ensure you maximise your spaces potential, for example:- Which type of conversion? What changes will be needed for the plumbing system? and Where the new stairs will be situated?

Headroom Consideration

There is little point in adding an extra room if you can’t stand up in it! As a guide rule you will need a minimum height of approximately 2.3 meters across your floor space to make your conversion worth while.


Where will our new stairs go? To maximise your space special consideration should be taken when deciding where your new staircase should be situated. If you currently have large bedrooms, then an area of of the room could be used although we don’t recommend this approach as the space lost in the bedroom detracts from the space and benefits gained from you extra bedroom! A more common solution would be to use an existing store/airing cupboard which is often on the first floor landing. If this space is suitable it may mean your hot water cylinder will need to be relocated.

Roof Type?

There are several types of roof construction. Generally the older style roofs are easier to convert as they have a steeper pitch allowing the headroom needed. Houses constructed pre 1960’s commonly have the traditional rafter and purlin design and the more recently constructed will have a trussed roof.

Here at Charles Grosvenor  we can help and advise you through every step from a no obligation quote to planning to the finished space! We welcome you to our fully operational showroom and marketing suite where you can meet the team and discuss all of your ideas and requirements.


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