Great Ideas For Loft Conversions!

For people who are finding the expense of moving to a larger home too much, a loft conversion is a great altervative to create more room by extending upwards rather than outwards where space may be lacking. How you choose what the extra space is used for is of course a personal decision. But here are some great ideas:

An Extra Bedroom

An extra bedroom is the most common use for loft conversions. And they are easy to create.
If you are thinking of using the loft space for a bedroom, you should maybe consider adding another bathroom as well. It makes good sense to have extra facilities for more people. Why not create a guest or master suite? Adding a bathroom is a good way to add value to a property. According to a recent survey, adding a bedroom and a bathroom to a loft conversion or an extension, can add up to 23% to a propertys value.

Creating a Bathroom

If you are thinking of using your loft conversion for a bathroom, you will need to think about the plumbing. It will be easier and cheaper to intall a bathroom in the loft if an existing bathroom is already underneath as the required pipework will already be in place. If your loft is too far away from your existing pipes, a macerater may have to be installed for waste removal. If you’re adding a bathroom, it may be a good idea to check whether your boiler can cope with the added demand.

Playroom or Nursery

Many parents will put their loft conversions to good use by creating a playroom or nursery for their little ones. A playroom will prove popular with children of all ages and can be a great place for storing all the hundreds of toys childen can accumilate! It could also be a good idea to have the playroom sound proofed, so parents can have that well deserved peace and quiet!
Loft Conversions can also make fantastic nurserys, and is a great way to accommodate growing families. For a nursery it is important that it is child proof. We will consider stair surrounds, the position of electrical points, window heights and storage requirements.

Office or Hobby Room

For people working from home, loft conversion can be used as a study or Office. This is a great way to work from home without being disturbed by the rest of the house and can provide a nice private getaway. Likewise, if you have a specialist hobby such as painting, or photography, a loft conversion can provide you with a perfect space to relax and work in peace within a dedicated space.

What ever the use of the loft conversion, homeowners will always benfit from more space, a better quality of living and it will add more value on to your home. You will also need to consider that you may not be able to use the loft area for storage, as you previously would have. But you should still be able to get bespoke cupboards built into the eaves of the new room, which the easiest and most practical option.

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