Fulfill Your Extra Space Requirements By Converting Your Loft

A loft conversion is a valued addition to your home and have become much more popular with people in the UK over recent years. The ever increasing cost of living and life style have got people to think seriously to fulfill the increasing demand of living space. Loft conversions have been considered the most useful space for a home extension.
We can convert your loft in various ways, from a dormer conversion to a velux conversion and even a hip to gable conversion.
A Dormer Conversion will extend the side roofs in parallel of main home or commercial walls to extend the side space. A Velux Conversion is also known as a roofline conversion, which is generally used to get more sunlight into the house through lofts. Some buildings will not see any natural light due to being over shadowed by other buildings. Velux filling in the roof, gives more natural light to your home and saves energy. Hip to Gable Conversions is a way to extend the roof to increase the space. This will give you to opportunity to extend your home space.
Remember Charles Grosvenor offer a free survey with a fixed quotation. If you are not sure which route to go down, we are happy to set you down the right path to ensure you get the most out of your loft space.

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