Energy Secretary Chris Huhne drastically cuts subsidy for homowners generating their own power! Is this a cut too far?

Chris Huhne has slashed the subsidy homeowners get for installing panels and generating their own power by more than half and the cut is due to come into affect on December 12th 2011. Its claimed the reasons for the cut are down to the fall in the panels price and he said the cheaper cost meant householders were making a ‘frankly luscious’ rate of return.

Industry experts appear to be furious with the decison and fear it has put between 11,000 and 25,000 jobs accross the country at risk overnight.

The Sun Newspaper reported that Carillion Energy Services (sole installer of the UK’s largest rent-a-roof scheme, Homesun) put its entire workforce on notice of redundancy on hearing the news. Carillion bought the energy services specialist EAGA seven months ago to cash in on the governments green agenda and invested a fortune to develop its solar panel operation hoping to fit 30,000 homes out this year, but unfortuanely they released the following statement “The company will be doing no more installations. That will all be subcontrated out and all engineers are gong“.

The full backlash to the government’s decision is yet to be seen, but we suspect more job loses are expected. Campaigns such as CUT DON’T KILL have been set up and claim the Government had caved in to lobbying by nuclear and gas giants. Whatever the reason we feel the Government has gone a bit too far with these cuts….you cannot make an offer that mobilises thousands of people and then suddenly withdraw it because it’s too expensive! Shouldn’t they be helping the unemployed find work rather then adding the the high rates of unemployment the country now faces.

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