Charles Grosvenor windows and doors now carry the CE Mark

On July 1st 2013 it became compulsory for certain construction products to begin to carry the CE mark. We at Charles Grosvenor Ltd are proud to confirm that our windows and doors have undergone thorough testing and all company procedure have been audited to allow our products the bear this mark and we have pleasure in attaching our ‘Declaration of Performance’.

CE marking demonstrates that a product conforms to the legal requirements in specific European technical standards also known as European harmonised standards. This enables the product to be placed legally on the market in any European member state. This is not a new symbol, it is just new to the construction industry and specifically the manufacture of external windows and doors and the mark is so common that you will find it on random objects from your home or work place such as calculators, light bulbs and children’s toys.

Our ‘Declaration of Performance’ is an essential part of our CE mark and defines the essential characteristics of our products. This along with the CE mark itself will assist the customer in their purchase and ensure high quality consistency with all our UPVC products.

For all UPVC requirements please contact Suzanne on 01527 543668 or via email with the peace of mind that you will receive a quotation for a CE marked product.




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