Cameron Announces Planning “Holiday”!

David Cameron announced this morning that he will be ordering a building free-for-all for Extentions, Conservatories and Loft Conversions. This will allow home owners to carry out improvments on their homes without council permits.
The PMs move is designed to boost buisness for builders and to unclog the planning backlog, halving the amount of planning applications processed a year.

Tom Newton Dunn, Polititcal Editor said:
“Full planning permission will only now be needed for extensions beyond six metres for a terraced house or eight metres for a detached home — double the current limit.
Businesses will be able to expand shops by 100 sq m and industrial units by 200 sq m. Shops and offices will be allowed to develop up to their boundaries. There will also be help for 16,500 first-time buyers, with an extension of free loans for deposits on the FirstBuy scheme.”

Cameron will claim:
“We’re determined to cut through the bureaucracy that holds us back. That starts with getting the planners off our backs. Getting behind the businesses that have the ambition to expand, and meeting the aspirations of families that want to buy or improve a home.”

 So it looks like, We’re all going on a Planning Holiday!!

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