Build it safe or risk your own safety?

Police are warning home owners about the dangers of carrying
out a DIY loft conversion on their homes following an incident where fire crews
struggled to access a loft room when a fire broke out.

Safety crews were reported to have had difficulty accessing
the loft area due to the fact that the loft hatch space was to narrow. The
council associated has subsequently spoken out about the dangers of DIY loft
conversions and a prohibition notice has been served upon the landlord for
building a loft conversion without permission, which will mean that the loft
cannot be occupied until it meets building regulations.

The council spokesperson said: “A loft conversion can be a cost-effective
way of creating more space within a house but it is essential the room is safe
for people to use it. Carrying out work without the necessary permissions may
also invalidate their house insurance in the event of a fire or structural

Charles Grosvenor Ltd would strongly urge all those considering a loft conversion to follow the correct procedure and ensure that the relevant approvals are obtained from building control and the local authority planning department. It is Charles Grosvenor’s company policy that all approvals are in place prior to the commencement of the works. All our customers will be given the relevant certification on completion of their projects.

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