Bespoke Lofts – Based in Essex

According to the Oxford Dictionary the word ‘Bespoke’ means ‘made to the customers specification’.  The specification Marc Loppas furnished his web designer with, must have been ‘upload photographs from competitors websites and give misleading information’.
Earlier in the year I made Mr Loppas aware of the photographs contained within his website that were the property of Charles Grosvenor Ltd and were definitely not showing loft conversions constructed by Bespoke Lofts.  This was mentioned in our blog on 25th July 2011, however to date the photo’s remain on his website implying that they show completed work within all three of their case study’s.  I can make this statement with 100% accuracy because one of the photo’s that they have illegally uploaded  shows the completed loft conversion on my home in Redditch built in 1999.  Any prospective customers of Bespoke Lofts considering placing an order for a loft conversion on the strength of the photo in the case study’s please contact me at as I can forward you many more showing how the space available was maximised and the attention to detail of the finishing.  Further misleading information is that they display a number of Logo’s form various trade organisations throughout their website, some of which they have no membership.

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