Another Fantastic Review

We have just completed a loft conversion in Tilehurst. Kate wrote`

I d like to say a big thank you to all who have helped achieve our loft conversion. From Gill, Mark and Simon to Robbie, Pete, Darren, Dave and their helpers – its all been appreciated.

Thank you to Anita, Jan and Lin in the office whom have all managed invoices  and appointment bookings.

A huge thank you to Russell whom as a project manager I’d say I’m happy to praise he does an outstanding job! From arranging visits in the evening to fit around Lee being at work to ensuring a weekly visit or even standing out on our roof in freezing dark conditions fixing the drain pipe – he goes above and beyond to try and keep the customer happy. I especially would like to praise his commitment and patience on achieving the window I wanted in our bedroom. I knew what my expectations were and Russell committed to helping me achieve the look I’d dreamt of. Thank you for so much understanding with this. It really has been truely appreciated. We were very priveledged to have got you to run our project and I d recommend you on to others (infact I have started with Jo Matthews 😉).e

Finally a big thank you to yourself Hayley. As ‘m sure Russell will tell you I have truely sung your praises. You are the person who keeps everybody linked and communicating. Your efficient and always answer each part to an email. Nothing is left ignored or overlooked. If I email you one day I have a reply by the following…no matter what the query you investigate and endeavour to always have an answer. You do an amazing job and really have been the lifeline in the middle that has kept me updated and communication open. The main key to everything running smoothly. You have done ace. Keep up the great work you do. Not always easy juggling but your very good at what you do.

Thank you all again.


Kind Regards



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