All Your Loft Conversion Questions Answered!

If you are considering a loft conversion you are going to be open to a variety of choices.

Do I need Planning permission?

You will not planning if your home is not a flat, not listed, not in a conservations area, not in an area of outstanding natural beauty, not subject to any covenants or permitted development restrictions. Although these sound a lot, most properties are not in bound by these conditions.

Do I need building regulations?

Yes, this is to ensure certain building standards are attained like, structural integrity, insulation, electrical certification, and much more. Touchstone lofts will organise these are all complied with.

Do I need a proper staircase?

Yes, there are set standards for these, in terms of size and position. You can choose bannister and spindle types.

Do I need a dormer?

A dormer is not always required, this is dependent on a number of factors like- do you need one, personal tastes and whether your budget extends to allow one. Your loft conversion may not be feasible without a dormer, particularly if you headroom is tight. You can choose external finishes and windows.

If so, What type of dormer is suitable for me?

The are two main types of dormers, Flat roof and pitched roof. There are many variations on these themes like a flat roof dormer can have pitched ends to make it look more appealing etc.

How many Roof-lights do I need?

Normally 10% of the floor space is a good indicator of window area required. Windows are the main extravagance in design as “light” is increasingly the design touch and so rooflights are a very personal choice. Rooflights one over another and as quads are pretty common.

Do I need a new boiler?

Not so much a choice but a necessity due to the need to remove the tanks in your loft area. If you have tanks in your loft you will need to remove them. Two main options are a new combination boiler or an un-vented cylinder.

Do I need a en-suite?

Building accommodation on the third floor normally requires some bathroom facilities. A shower, toilet and basin can be easily contained within 1.5m by 2m. You may not think its possible but an en suite is a easy option in most loft conversions.

There are many considerations when planning a loft conversion.

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