A Loft Conversion Can Add up to £20,000 to the Value of Your House!

According to the Gaurdian Newspaper their surveys show that a loft conversion can add up to £20,000 to the value of your home. More than a third of valuers (35%) said that while painting and decorating makes a home more appealing to prospective buyers, it adds little or no actual value and, according to Halifax, homeowners should consider bigger projects if they want to add significant value to their homes.

Topping the list of value-adding projects are loft conversions, which experts say can increase the value of a property by an average of £20,876, at a cost of about £10,000. They are followed by room extensions, which add an average £16,069 to a home’s value. New kitchens, windows and bathrooms also feature on the list, boosting property prices by an average of £5,617, £5,265 and £3,351 respectively.

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