How to add an extra bedroom (and value) to your property

News of the World, Sunday January 16th 2011

By Martin Roberts

Given today's sluggish property market, moving to a bigger house may not seem as attractive as modifying your existing home.

Stand by yer beds, here's how to do it. According to research by nationwide, creating an extra bedroom could add as much as 12 per cent to the value of your house.

There will always be a "ceiling" price for property in your area, so remember the increase in value may not cover the costs of having the work done.

Here are a few options for adding another bedroom to a house.

Two-story extension:

Adding a side extension, say above the garage, will give you a good-sized extra room.

You may be able to do this under "Permitted Development" but check with your local planners first.

A two-storey extension will create an extra bedroom and room below that you could use as a games room, office or a hangout.

Once completed you'll probably wonder how you managed without the extra space.

Converting the Loft:

If your property was built later than 1960, you may need to have the roof raised or timbers re-organised, as newer properties have roofs made of factory-made roof trusses with a lower pitch and more struts than older houses.

You may also need to have ceiling joists beneath re-enforced to take the weight.

Dormer or velux windows will provide light but check with your local authority for planning rules before you get started.

Building an outhouse:

You could convert a stand-alone garage but you may need planning permission.

Or have something built to suit your needs - specialist companies construct insulated timber-framed outbuildings to blend in with the garden.

Going down:

If your home has a basement, you could convert this into another bedroom. You may need to dig out to create sufficient headroom, you'll need a fire exit, building regulations approval and a damp-proofing company yo waterproof it.

I always recommend

Single-storey garage extension:

Particularly if it adjoins your house and has an internal door.

You may not need planning permission but you'll need to comply with building regulations and damp-proof and insulate the walls and upgrade the floor and roof.

You could keep a bit at the front for storage. Check out specialist garage conversion firms at